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Cooinda Vale

Cooinda Vale Wineyard

Established in 1985, the Cooinda Vale vineyard is ideally positioned facing northeast overlooking the Coal River in southern Tasmania. On the 43.5 Latitude line, the vineyard is planted on northeast facing slopes at 130m above sea level. This is a unique microclimatic location, being well protected from prevailing winds but still highly influenced by maritime conditions. The long growing season, which can extend into May, with high sunshine hours, predominately winter rainfall and the occasional frost and snow, combine to provide an excellent condition for cool climate grape varieties, such as Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio, Riesling and Chardonnay.

The soils are Brown-Black dermosol subsoil, high in acid (associated with alluvial plains and river terraces) over decaying sandstone, with friable clay subsoil. Because of the sloping aspect, the drainage is excellent.

Belmont Vineyard

Workers pruning the vines in winter

Acquired by John and Libby Pooley in 2003, Belmont Lodge is a stately sandstone house, located close to Richmond, in an outstanding setting within the landscape.

Belmont Lodge

Country Houses of Tasmania

Belmont Lodge – a fine two storey Georgian stone house – was built in 1832 by a Hobart wine dealer, Benjamin Guy.

A book of the finest private colonial estates in Tasmania, by Alice Bennett and Georgia Warner, was published in 2009. Belmont Lodge is one of the 26 properties featured.

A new vineyard has been established on the Belmont Estate, allowing us to expand production of our quality wines.

The block is on the side of Butchers Hill facing north and captures the sun all day. The soils are well drained dolomite with limestone underlayer, high in pH.

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